Brighter and healthy teeth
at home in just 30 minutes

OnlySmile® tooth whitening powder & OnlySmile® tooth whitening gel are developed and produced in Germany

Teeth whitening for every occasion

OnlySmile® teeth whitening gel

Visibly whiter teeth in just 30 minutes! If you run out of your OnlySmile® tooth whitening gel from the beginner's set, we have more for you.

Open the tube, put the gel on the mouthguard and switch on the LED lamp - it's so easy to use at home. With the tooth whitening gel on your teeth, you can watch TV, fold laundry or read on the side and take care of your dental care at the same time. One tube is enough for approx. 10 applications and each application makes your teeth shine. Trust in one of the best providers in cosmetic dental care!

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OnlySmile® tooth whitening powder

Whether for preparation, prophylaxis or in between - you can use OnlySmile® tooth whitening powder at any time and at lightning speed. So your dream smile stays with you!

The tooth whitening powder effectively removes plaque and cleans the spaces between them. It will help you keep your result after the gel whitening. Brushing your teeth with the whitening powder for three minutes twice a week is enough to make your teeth shine. It is irreplaceable for smokers, coffee and red wine lovers. Be gorgeous - only smile!

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OnlySmile® WHITESILVER toothpaste

With our OnlySmile® WHITESILVER toothpaste, brushing your teeth is not only fun, they also effectively fight bacteria in your mouth.

Regular dental care is an essential part of our lives. Teeth should be cleaned thoroughly at least twice a day. It is best to choose a silver-containing toothpaste such as OnlySmile® WHITESILVER. This ensures that germs and viruses die off and thus brings the healing process of the skin back into balance.

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OnlySmile Zahnaufhellungsset – weiße Zähne von zu Hause
OnlySmile teeth whitening set - white teeth from home

Luxury foods of daily life such as red wine, coffee or tobacco can permanently discolor the teeth. Many people feel uncomfortable and no longer dare to smile or show their teeth. Fortunately, there is an easy way to get rid of unsightly discoloration. And it's called: OnlySmile tooth whitening set.

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Die Vorteile des Home-Bleachings – gesunde und strahlend weisse Zähne
The advantages of home bleaching - healthy and shiny white teeth

Home teeth whitening is valued above all for its flexibility. To be able to bleach your teeth in just 30 minutes without a dentist's appointment - that sounds tempting. The method offers even more advantages. In the following you will find out more about it and you can form your own picture of teeth whitening.

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Das Mundstück und seine Reinigung
The mouthpiece and its cleaning: is it even hygienic if I use it several times?

While the gel, like toothpaste, is of course not reused and ends up in the drain, the splint is retained for multiple use. It looks like a medical crunch splint, but is made of silicone. The splint is not adapted to your teeth and accordingly has some play. In the following you will find out how to best care for the splint on the OnlySmile mouthpiece.

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Die Zähne zu Hause aufhellen: Tipps von Kunden für das OnlySmile Zahnaufhellungssystem
Whitening Teeth at Home: Tips from Customers for the OnlySmile Teeth Whitening System

First-time things can be tricky at times. With teeth whitening with OnlySmile, you are usually at home alone and have no companion who can help you. So that you are prepared for all eventualities, we have summarized 4 tips from our community for you below.

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