OnlySmile Club

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As an OnlySmile Club member you benefit from the following advantages:

  1. Permanent 5% discount on all products

As a member of the OnlySmile Club, you have the opportunity to purchase any product cheaper than non-members. The discount applies to both individual products and sets. A permanent 5% will be deducted from the normal price. With our promotions you will save as much as possible. You will only receive the best price offer as a club member!

  1. Exclusive offers for inexpensive product sets

Every month we put together a teeth whitening kit that our members receive at a discounted price. Take advantage of the opportunity and save when you buy OnlySmile sets.

  1. Participation in regular raffles and competitions

As a member you not only buy at a reduced price, you can also win great prizes. We regularly think of exciting competitions where you can really dust off. You can find out how to participate in our monthly newsletter. Be active and creative!

  1. Receiving birthday gifts

We celebrate your birthday with you! On your special day you will receive interesting and high-quality extra gifts or a voucher for your next order from OnlySmile. Please provide us with your correct date of birth.

  1. Timely information on events such as trade fairs

With you as a member, we share all important information about OnlySmile activities and news in teeth whitening every month. We will inform you about upcoming dates, trade fairs and exhibitions. You can come there in person and experience the path to gleaming white teeth live.

Buy teeth whitening cheaper

What do I have to do to become a member of the OnlySmile Club?

You can become a member if you have bought products worth € 49. We will then email you a link to the admission form. You enter all the important information and by clicking on Submit you are a member. You can now enjoy all the advantages of our club.

What does a membership in the OnlySmile Club cost?

Membership in the OnlySmile Club is completely free. You have no duties whatsoever. You only receive our newsletter and can take part in our raffles and competitions as you wish. As a member of OnlySmile, you can also buy at a discount. If you have a question, you can send us a short e-mail and expect a detailed answer. Membership is like our products: safe, easy and painless.

For whom is membership in the OnlySmile Club interesting?

The OnlySmile Club is interesting for everyone. We are looking for members who take care of their appearance and who want to have beautiful, white and healthy teeth permanently. We are happy about every member and support it when successes are shared. If you are satisfied with your OnlySmile result, you can post a photo of your smile on Instagram and talk to others.

Buy products in our shop now and benefit from the many advantages of the OnlySmile Club.

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