Charge the OnlySmile Active Pro LED lamp with the included charger.
Spread 4ml of the teeth whitening gel on the top and bottom of the mouth tray.
Place the mouth guard attached to the lamp into your mouth.
Press the lamp button to start using it.
Immediate effect in just 30 minutes. The teeth are now up to 9 tones lighter.*
Can be used regularly or before any special occasion!

The advantages of the OnlySmile teeth whitening system at a glance

Acting fast

Immediate result in just 30 minutes*


Inexpensive alternative to in-office whitening

Easy usage

Get a snow-white smile relaxed at home


A new bleaching can be repeated at any time

Long lasting effect

Radiant white teeth for up to 6 months

Gentle effect

Has a gentle and caring effect on the tooth surface and protects the hard tooth substances

* In order to achieve even better results, a second application can be carried out immediately after the first application. This is particularly recommended if the teeth are severely discolored from tea, coffee or cigarettes.