OnlySmile® WHITESILVER toothpaste


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Our OnlySmile Whitesilver toothpaste is a real game changer among toothpastes. All of our many years of expertise in the field of cosmetic tooth whitening have gone into the development of this toothpaste. And the result is really good. Get all the benefits of regular toothpaste—plus the antimicrobial and tooth-whitening effects of zinc and silver. Our OnlySmile Whitesilver toothpaste contains:

Fluoride: contributes to the remineralization of teeth. This hardens the natural enamel of the teeth and makes it more resistant to harmful influences.

Zinc: helps with its antibacterial effect, Keep mucosa and tissues healthy. Zinc thus makes an important contribution to caries prevention. The bacteria-inhibiting properties of zinc can also be used to efficiently prevent bad breath.

Calcium: particularly effective for sensitive teeth and helps to reduce the hypersensitivity of the teeth to external influences.

Silver: has an antimicrobial effect and has a triple prophylactic effect against bleeding gums caused by bacteria, receding gums and caries. The effect of silver lasts up to 3 hours in the mouth and can thus help to keep the mouth clean in the long term.

The OnlySmile Whitesilver toothpaste comes in a 75 ml tube.

  • Put the OnlySmile Whitesilver toothpaste in the morning and evening with a little water on the toothbrush and scrub the teeth thoroughly and for a long time on all surfaces. Our OnlySmile Whitesilver toothpaste can be used just like any other commercially available toothpaste.

Customer Reviews

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Helppo messuostos

Has great taste

Never tested or had anything better

Martin H.
Best fish feeling

The best toothpaste in my hands, best feeling of freshness

Martin H.
Gold in my hands, strongly recommend for sensitive, non-tolerant teeth 🦷

Thank you 🙏 Love your products

Marina M

I've been using it for almost a month, the toothpaste is really good, I definitely recommend it, especially for those who often drink coffee or any color drinks.